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Animal Rights Direct Action Activists - Index

Illustrated Guide to Animal Liberation
Security -- Articles on all phases of security for activists
ALFing -- Articles from the Underground: How She Joined ALF. Finding a Partner (or Two). Funding Your Actions. Personal Liability. Planning and Stealth for Safety on the Jobsite. Billboard Liberations.
ALF POWs -- ALF POWs; where and how to write them.
Activism -- Things you can do to help animals, in groups, or as an army of 1
Compassionate Campus: The College Guide to Animal Advocacy - Oct 2013
Animal Liberation Prisoner Jordan Halliday on Grand Jury Resistance - 5/12
Announcement From Camille Marino - April 2012
Most Serious Charge Dropped Against Pair Caught at Iowa Fur Farm - 10/11
Activist Secretly Videotapes FBI Visit Investigating Mink Liberation - 10/11
One Way to Sabotage Montana's Wolf Hunt - Sept 2011
Mobile Vegan Video Projection HOWTO - Dec 2010
How To Visit a Fur Farm - Without Being the A.L.F. - Dec 2010
How A Security Consultant Got Inside Animal Research Labs - Nov 2010
Defiance in the Face of Adversity - November 2010
On Grand Jury Resistance - November 2010
CrimeInc.: How We Raised $2000 for S. DeMuth & C. Feldman - Sept 2010
Guide to Direct Action, 2010
Block Handwriting Example - July 2010
Activist Tips, Anti-Vivisection Literature - April 2010
Leafleting Tips - April 2010
A Comprehensive Guide To Direct Action - March 2010
Liberated Mink Survive in the Wild, Study Shows - March 2010
Steven Best -- Alliance Politics - November 2009
If An Agent Knocks - 2009 update
5 Reasons for Activists to Cover Their Faces at Protests - Feb 09
Microsoft device helps police pluck evidence from cyber crimes - May '08
Peter Young Speaks - Oct 2007
Useful Observations for Animal Rights Work - How people think
Know Your Rights & Resist the Police State
Activist Tips -- Some Handy Tips for Activists
Ten Activist Tips -- Top Ten: Do It Yourself Activism Tips
Action 101 -- Organizing 101: Start a Non-Hierarchical Direct Action Group
Action 101-Media -- Media Advisories and Press Releases
Direct Action Myths -- Twelve Myths About Direct Action
FAQs - Activism -- AR FAQs (#87-91) regarding Activism
Action Stations! (Do or Die) -- This article explains some of the things to think about when planning an action.
Utilitarianism -- Utilitarianism, Animals, and the Problem of Numbers   by Stephen Hanson, PhD
I Am An Activist -- Self description of an animal rights activist
Protesting -- Suggested animal protest guidelines
AR Phases -- Four phases in the career evolution of an animal rights activist by Douglas Fakkema
I Want to Quit -- This Is What Animal Rescue Is Like  by Joan C. Fremo
Going Underground -- Going Underground for Animal Liberation
Trial by Fire -- The SHAC7, Globalization, and the Future of Democracy   by Steven Best, PhD and Richard Kahn
Activists Role -- The Role of Radical Animal Activists as Information Providers to Consumers  by Joshua Frank
Training -- The Monsters Among Us by Gary Jackson. Personal experience.
Discipline in the Trenches -- Discipline in the Trenches  by Groose Rats & Co.
Organizing Students -- Organizing Student Groups  by Adam Weissman
Speaking in School -- Speaking in School
Militant Activism -- Suggestions for anyone interested in what are considered more militant tactics and campaigns.
act locally -- Yahoo Group with suggestions on how to save homeless animals in your neighborhood
Note to the Underground -- about dropping the ALF acronym
panel -- N.J. puts animal-rights reformers on the prowl. Activists dominate panel aimed at preventing cruelty. February 2003  by BRIAN T. MURRAY
Efficacy Assessment Model -- July 10, 2005. How to decide on the best action to take
Biteback 1 -- Operation Bite Back-Part I & Part 2 Fact Sheets
plea deal -- Animal-rights activist rejects Somerset County plea deal. Home News Tribune 12/21/02  by CRISSA SHOEMAKER
Media & links
Grand Jury.pdf -- What's it all about?
Fighting 4 Animals -- Entire text of book Fighting for Animals  by Vernon Coleman
Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network -- link to another website


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