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Bahrain Tear Gases Birds

February 2012: Help to stop misuse of tear gas which has killed many

please take action seriously to stop the overuse and misuse of weapons tear gas the gorge, which has killed many birds

some of my bird died due to tear gas #Bahrain-- Not Human Rights Abuse!! is standard mode of operation for Bahrain Security Forces.. Standing up for human rights in Bahrain is difficult and dangerous. Bahrainis who stand up publicly to promote human rights risk harassment and arrest. Human rights defenders remain in constant jeopardy from the Bahraini dictatorship. Despite those threats, they continue to document human rights abuses and work for political freedom.

protesters not to fire at at homes and scare people at midnight !!! In Bahrain Even when you're at home you'll not be safe, because riot police attack everything even houses. In Sitra a 75 years old man suffocated and died because of teargas, another 42 years old woman in Sanabis suffocated and died

This video documents the
How choking Bahraini citizen in his home via tear gas

The tear gases types in Bahrain

This video contains crimes of unlawful use of weapons of tear

for more information please contact

Nabeel Rajab, President:

BCHR, bahrain centre for human right

email: [email protected] ,

Tel: +973-39633399

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