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Help to stop the overuse and misuse of weapons tear gas which has killed many birds, animals, and humans

Bahrain Tear Gases Birds

Whether the Bahraini citizens are eligible to have Human Rights as the world knows them or not, this does not mean that the Animals in Bahrain should also have no rights.

Part of Animals rights is to live in a peaceful environment, away from harm. Yet, in the tiny Island of Bahrain, Animals seem to have no way of having that simple right. As everyone knows, Bahrain has been suffering of brutal clashes between the protestors and the government. In their attempt to repress the popular PEACEFUL opposition in the kingdom, the royal family and the government have subjected even the Animals to their hostility. As the attacks are be directed toward civilians’ residences, their Animals also suffer from the toxic gases the riot police shoot at the roofs of the houses. A lot of those animals die, and many of them suffer from fear, and physical ailments due to the nature of the attacks.

The 14th of February marked the anniversary of the locally popular yet internationally ignored uprising in Bahrain. The government thugs backed by the Saudi military took all measures to impede the protestors from reaching the place where the Pearl Roundabout used to be. They surrounded the villages with their tanks, and penetrated the insides of those villages on foot while carrying their rifles and teargas throwers.

Shooting at the houses, with the intention to torment the peaceful people, and as I was trying to film the event, I was shot at with a teargas. Unfortunately, the bullet missed me and banged the innocent duck standing next to me. The duck was hit badly, at first I just heard the squeal it made out of surprise. When I came to investigate what happened to it closely, I was shocked. The right wing of the duck was injured, the right eye turned black, and the whole body went yellow as a result of the toxic gas made in the USA/Brazil. The duck was unable to sit or move, and its body was trembling in fear and pain. I tried to aid the duck while the gas was literally coming out of its feathers. I was myself suffocating, yet I couldn’t have the heart not to do the necessary to help the duck. Although there was no clean air, I managed to save the duck, but this is not going to be the end of it.

ahmed zaimoor

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