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How can I get people to switch to a vegetarian diet?

Nobody in these recent discussion threads here has shown ability to "organize a movement" " which takes persuading and convincing those opposed to the movement " and many have shown the opposite " the ability to alienate folks already dedicated to helping animals.

These threads are a microcosm of why many people give the AR movement the same respect they give the man on a street corner shouting loudly about an impending apocalypse.

The position that FoA espouses that we can't compromise in the short term without compromising long term results.

Yet they compromise where they see fit. They like to say "if it were a human and not an animal would you react the same?" But they condemn the ALF for rescuing animals from death because it is "against the law" and hire a keynote speaker who calls ALF "terrorists". Of course, FoA won't answer their own favorite question "would you break the law if it were a child about to die?"

There is no consistency in their logic. There is no reliable data to support the position that short term results compromise long term results. They have only opinion. However, in the meantime we do know that their unyielding position alienates many, and thus hurts animals today while still leaving the future debatable.

Take for example the position on converting folks to an animal-friendly diet.

Most people won't change their diet to help animals (unless you tie them down and make them watch "Meet Your Meat").

But many people WILL change their diet for the approval of someone they like.

So a successful activist will first be a good leader, someone likable, and offer their approval to someone for doing something they think is attainable.

This requires some genuine compromise. I have never had luck with suggesting veganism. When I mention vegetarianism, only a few folks respond. But for every person I have converted to vegetarianism I have convinced 10 to give up "most meat".

Mathematically, it helps animals more to convince three people to give up half their meat than to convince one person to be vegetarian.

But many activists convey to people that they will be judged unfavorably if they have one burger a week, instead of pat them on the back and tell them to think positively about themselves for whatever good they can do for the animals -- and not fret about "missed opportunities".

To lead people you have to have people skills first. If you stand on a soap box and yell about a blueprint for a perfect world, all people will hear is "Apocalypse!"

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