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Reaction to digging up a buried body as a method of getting someone's attention

The grave robbers didn't do this for a greater good. They did it in order to terrorize a family and force their beliefs on them.

This is a sick perverted example of activism gone too far. Holding parts of this ladies body for ransom proves only that the grave robbers are evil...pure and simple.


Nobody who has read the articles on this website would likely say that it's simple, and certainly not evil.

The actions follow the Utilitarianism philosophical doctrine that defines the right action as that which promotes the greatest amount of pleasure or happiness for the greatest amount of sentient* beings, human or animal.

*To be sentient is to have profound interests in avoiding pain and experiencing pleasure, to have memory, desires, preferences, and an emotional life.

If digging up a dead person (or all of ones own relatives), could save the life of just one sentient animal, then it was the correct action according to Utilitarianism. Utilitariansim does not consider wishes and desires (such as wanting to eat a hamburger) as overriding life and death. It would not consider the anguish of relatives as overriding the life and death of animal testing.

If the action was based on the possibility that there would be any lessening of the slaughter, regardless of the actual outcome, it was the correct action.

Personally, I don't always agree with this doctrine. But usually for the selfish reasons discussed in:

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