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Media Portrayal

People, especially the media, continue to try to define the ALF by the actions taken by people who call themselves ALF. This is as nonsensical as defining Christians by the people who bomb abortion clinics because their "credo" is anti-abortion.

The term "the Animal Liberation Front" was coined by Ronnie Lee. The credo defining a "member"  was established. It was proclaimed that there would be no leaders. This credo has been unmodified and widespread for more than 20 years. Not even Ronnie Lee can change the definition now.

Since the credo states that no harm shall come to any sentient being, setting fires or bombs don't make any sense. People, birds, rats, and squirrels could get hurt. We've stated that repeatedly.

Where is the fault in this logic?

Some illegal acts are condoned. Breaking and entering to get an animal out of an abused situation is an example.

This may fit some people's definition of "terrorism". Some people debate that. They are only words. It is what it is, and using one word to catalog all the actions is just plain lazy.

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