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Honduran village rescues macaws - help needed

Dear colleagues,

I am writing this email to see if anyone is interested in studying or commenting upon a village in La Moskitia, Honduras that took in confiscated wild scarlet macaws chicks, cared for them, and then released them in their village, where they still visit every day. For me it is amazing to see how the birds have impacted village life, and also how the people are impacting the macaw culture and behavior. I don't know if it's worth studying "formally" but for me the whole world of parrots in Mesoamerica is tantalizing and rich. It'd be great to have students there studying as well (which supports the village).

You can find out more by reading this document.

Yours in thanks,

Director, Lafeber Conservation and Wildlife
Unitarian Universalist Community Minister with the UU Fellowship of Gainesville, FL (Multispecies Ministry which includes Reverence for Life Coordinator, and Compassionate Communication)
Director, One Earth Conservation
Consultant Compassionate Conservation
Parrots International Board of Directors
Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer

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