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for Curt Johnson

Questions about the ALF, answered by Ann Berlin

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Introduction: 831 Kb. 9 secons

Question 1: Can you describe the mission of the ALF?
Answer  7,135 Kb. 1 min. 20 seconds

Question 2: Why spend resources for animals when there are needy humans?
Answer  7,264 Kb. 1 min. 21 seconds

Question 3: Has the original mission grown as the movement has gained more prevalence in the media?
Answer  7,488 Kb. 1 min. 24 seconds

Question 4: What accomplishment(s) is the ALF most happy with in the animal liberation movement?
Answer  10,367 Kb. 1 min. 56 seconds

Question 5: What else does the ALF feel is needed in the animal liberation movement?
Answer  3,583 Kb. 0 min. 40 seconds

Question 6: Does the ALF feel that the animal liberation movement will be slowed down with all the recent governmental intervention?
Answer  10,111 Kb. 1 min. 53 seconds

Question 7: Why has the government felt a need to try and force the ALF underground?
Answer  18,751 Kb. 3 min. 30 seconds (answer 8 is also here, but please ignore and listen to next file)

Question 8: How long do you think it will take for the movement to feel that its job is done?
Answer  8,736 Kb. 1 min. 38 seconds