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Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 6:59 AM
Dear Partners,


Friends of Our Animals Network organization Marks it's 4th birthday today and we wanted to thank you for your continued support and solidarity.

As you might be aware, Our organization was formed with an objective of
Promoting Domestic Animals welfare. However most of our objectives has not been realized due to many challenges including lack of resources. We can recorded a few achievement like organizing the 2 rallies and initiating Animals Lovers Caucuses, even thou they have not been expanding due to lack of  materials and logistics.

However, this is to thank you for standing with us and for giving us the opportunity to correspond with you and in many of the messages, we have gotten a lot of information, inspiration and encouragement and indeed this far we have come is because of you standing with us.

Great People like Marinka, Bev Hill, Linda and Sheila, we thank you. Organization like Voiceless and WSLP from Australia, thanks for the materials you once sent our way and Center For Partnership And Civic Engagement, www.cepacet. org for hosting us and many of you who have been a source of inspiration we thank you.

As a word of encouragement, I want to say that I acknowledge the big challenge we all face as Animals advocates due to limited resources our way. But I want you to keep up the good spirit and as we advance our Animals ( Companions ) welfare, all we need for this work will come our way.

Please, do not give up sending those messages our way, Animals in my
country needs lots of help and your information is of help.

Lets 2010 be a year of lots of achievement in all you do.

Warm regards,

Jared Akama Ondieki
Executive Director
([email protected] com

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