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Animal Cruelty Runs Rampant in Kuwait

KUWAIT: The AWARE Center held a Diwaniya on Tuesday to raise awareness on the widespread problem of animal cruelty in Kuwait. Kuwaiti animal-rescuer, Nadia Al-Kandari, and local photojournalist Claudia Farkas Al-Rashoud discussed an array of issues including dog fighting, the poor treatment of animals at the Friday market, the poisoning of strays, the illegal importation of wild animals and the abandonment of pets.

Poison continues to be littered across parks in attempts to cut the number of strays, and pets and strays alike have suffered painful deaths after ingesting it.

Al-Rashoud noted one of the responses people give regarding animal rights, 'Many people say: why focus so much attention on animals when there are humans in need? There are two reasons I give them. Firstly, we have a religious obligation to help animals and, secondly, who says that we can't do both?' Religion, Al-Rashoud said, encourages compassion towards animals, not cruelty based on the idea that animals are unclean.

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