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November 2010

Its pure frustration as there is no laws protecting animals here in  the Middle East.  It feels sometimes as if we are fighting a losing battle.  The only law there is at the moment;  to make it illegal for Indian guards working at schools who are sometimes offered money to kill sheep and goats bought by locals that take them to their homes for special occasions i.e. Ramadan, Eid etc.

Officials from Australia were invited over recently to see what happens to the live sheep they import into the Middle East, and told of the horrendous suffering these sheep endure on their long journey to death, you can only imagine.

Street dogs and cats are poisoned by the local authorities 2-3 times per year to keep down the population, and yet they could quite clearly put together a program to de-sex these animals, but they don't have the compassion (they have the money). We have tried but it takes more hands then a dozen volunteers.

Exotic animals are smuggled in and sold at a terrible place called "The Market" where uneducated Asians are left in charge of selling these animals, from dogs to cats, to monkeys etc etc. and lots die in the blazing heat, crammed into small wired cages without food or water.  These units at the market had a problem with their landlord earlier this year, and the landlord sent his henchmen to barricade the shop units so that the workers could not enter for work until the dispute was rectified - locked in these units were all the animals, where most died from starvation because no one could get inside - these are some of the terrible terrible tales and cruelty that go on in this country.  You have youths breeding and using dogs for fighting on the beach or in the desert, for all to see, yet no one does anything about it.

It would seem that 30% of the cruelty is coming from foreigners whereas they take on a pet whilst working and living here, once their contract is up or they are relocated out of the Middle East home or to another location they call animal shelters to take it off their hands or literally throw it onto the streets - so not only do we have a job of educating locals we also have to find a way of educating dumb expats from around the world who are not prepared to take their pets with them when they leave.

Kind regards

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