Seal Alert-SA releases its weekly Seal-Man Cam #2, Titled "Why We Should Never Kill Them", .

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For over a hundred years, South African government has had a policy which bans this endangered species of seal, the only species of seal breeding on the African continent, from breeding in 99% its native offshore islands. The result of which, seals are restricted to breeding on inappropriate small offshore rocks or fleeing north into Namibia where physically culled. During pupping time in December, high gale force winds prevail, turning seas that sweep over these rocks into living nightmares, for these new-born baby seals which cannot swim for the first six weeks.

In reality, this restricted habitat, causes a genocidal cull to be forced upon these baby seals each year. And as these nine offshore seal colonies have collectively declined, over a million baby seals have drowned, statistically ignored over the past 30 years, or been consumed by white sharks patrolling their colonies.

A tiny few do get saved, with Seal Alert-SA the only organization actively doing so. I believe that during their long and costly rehabilitation over the next 12 months, the only way to ensure these baby seals become self surviving seals, is to raise them in the wild, in as natural an environment as humanly possible.

These naturally culled victims, must be added to the 85 000 seal pups commercially slaughtered in Namibia, annually, and the tens of thousands illegally slaughtered by thousands of fishermen.

As this clip shows, we should never kill them, instead protect them for all they are worth.

If you enjoyed this video-cam clip, help me save these seals by forwarding this email to family and friends and urge the South African government to allow seals to return to their native islands, and boycott everything related to Namibia, until they stop killing seals.

Send a cheque or cash to Seal Alert-SA, Box 221, PostNet, Hout Bay, South Africa, 7806.

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