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Good News for Pigs in South Africa

Good news for pigs in South Africa!

Compassion in World Farming's colleagues in South Africa have had an amazing success. After intense lobbying of the South African Pork Producers' Organisation (SAPPO), the organisation's Chief Executive has agreed to phase out the use of sow stalls - the narrow concrete-floored stalls in which breeding sows spend their 16 week pregnancies, unable even to turn round.

This is great news for pigs in South Africa. Compassion is now pressing SAPPO to commit to a firm date of 2017 for a complete end to the use of these cruel stalls.

Please help pigs in Europe

On 9 February, the film 'Pig Business' - a shocking expose of the horrors of pig factory farming - will be shown to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Tracy Worcester, who produced the film and is organising the event, has invited Compassion's Chief Policy Advisor, Peter Stevenson, to be one of the main speakers.

Please visit the Pig Business website to invite all of the MEPs for your local region to attend this event. For the future welfare of pigs across Europe, it is so important that we get as many MEPs to attend the viewing of this film as possible.

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