From Paul D.

Animal SOS Sri Lanka - Dreams do come true, a vision can save lives.

Dear friends,

I was going to publish photos of the dogs suffering in Sri Lanka.

But instead of publishing photos of roaming dogs with open wounds and terrible injuries I suddenly thought to publish photos of some that have already been saved by Animal SOS Sri Lanka.

To put these in contrast, I thought I would just show you one photo.

It is of a dog that has lost the use of its back legs, the image always remains in my mind.

Every day just to survive, find food and stay away from human abuse and other predators, it has to drag itself along the best it can.

Without Animal SOS Sri Lanka dogs like this will die an horrific death.

Here are the links to the compilation of dogs that have been saved. com/watch? v=YcQCaI9ZCf8

http://www.linpaul. com/asossl/ saveddogs. html

If you are able to please help with a donation.


http://www.linpaul. com/asossl/ donate.html

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