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Maria Daines - Patron Saint of Animal SOS

It is with great pride that I can announce that Maria Daines has kindly accepted the position of Patron of Animal SOS Sri Lanka.

For me, this wonderful bond between Maria and Kim can only give further hope to the thousands of animals suffering in Sri Lanka on a daily basis.

Kim's vision & work in Sri Lanka and Maria's music & work for animal welfare are two areas that I have held dear in my heart for some time, so for me this appointment and bond is very special, as I know it will help save many lives and help alleviate the suffering in Sri Lanka.

We have previously featured Maria's song ' A Rescuer's Prayer ' in one of our promotions as this song is so deeply understanding about the work that Kim and Animal SOS Sri Lanka carry out.

Maria has kindly dedicated ' A Rescuer's Prayer ' to Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a dedication that has been received with great honour, it has always been a song that touched our hearts from the moment we heard it. A song that when merged with the images of suffering animals in Sri Lanka, that are scribed in ones mind, often brings tears flowing freely. 

To Kim and Maria, thank you for being who you are, working together I am confident that the suffering animals in Sri Lanka will now have even more hope for their future.


PS The latest Animal SOS Sri Lanka wall poster can be found here.

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