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Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Rabid puppy statement - 28th April 2008

Dear friends and supporters,

You may have seen recent media coverage concerning a puppy that died in quarantine kennels here in the UK. Three people were nipped by the puppy at the kennels, one of those people was Kim Cooling the President of Animal SOS Sri Lanka.

Those of you that know Kim, will be fully aware that she conducts rescue work that does not fall under the mission statement or umbrella of Animal SOS Sri Lanka. It is not unknown for Kim to travel through the night here in the UK to save dogs from death's row. The importation of this puppy and other dogs from Sri Lanka to the UK was privately sponsored and funded away from the charitable organisation of Animal SOS Sri Lanka : 1119902.

There has been much confusion concerning this rabid puppy and its relationship with Animal SOS Sri Lanka so we have felt the need to produce a statement of facts surrounding this event to alleviate any misunderstandings.

Before Animal SOS Sri Lanka was formed last year, Kim and others had privately funded the importation of animals to the UK to give them a chance to live.

Kim has received rabies treatment and although is still exhausted and tired has compiled the facts list below to dispel the misunderstandings.

We have sadly received many attacking communications and hope that the facts below will demonstrate that Animal SOS Sri Lanka has and always will use its funding only for the purposes mentioned within its mission statement.

We would prefer to dispel these misunderstandings by producing a statement rather than through legal action as many of the communications currently being networked around are clearly libellous and of a defamatory nature.

Below are the facts that Kim wishes to point out, I am sure that you will all join me in wishing Kim a speedy recovery from her ordeal, both physically and emotionally.

Those of you that know Kim will understand that she is devastated by the loss of these dogs.

Below are the key points that Kim wishes everyone to consider.
After these I have included the Mission Statement of Animal SOS Sri Lanka.

Paul N Davis - Trustee

Milly before rabies took hold of her.

The pup called Milly that died of rabies was checked by several separate vets in Sri Lanka- blood tested, vaccinated against rabies and given a full health check. A health certificate was issued by another Sri Lankan vet stating she was fit for travel and she was seen again by a vet when she arrived at the quarantine kennels in the UK. We know of no other organisation/ individual who conducts such vigorous health checks on the animals before import.

All the other dogs rescued were given the same checks. The pup that died Milly had no clinical signs of disease until 48 hours before her death. She was playing happily with the other pups until she became ill.

Sadly 4 other rescued pups who displayed no signs of rabies were killed by DEFRA officials as a precautionary measure. It appears that they were not suffering from rabies. All dogs arriving from Sri Lanka are quarantined for 6 months as a preventative measure against rabies. There is never any risk to public health when an animal is quarantined. The three people who were nipped by Milly after she became ill, including Kim, were already vaccinated against rabies, but required boosters as a precautionary measure.

The charity has never funded any of these rescues, all the rescues have been privately funded by our wages-most by Kim and Morag. Without a base in Sri Lanka there is nowhere to take these desperate cases- dogs, pups, kittens dying in the road or on rubbish tips. The dogs we rescued on the last trip including Milly who died, were funded by supporters and some members of Animal SOS Sri Lanka, NOT from Charity funds which has been widely reported. Charity funds will be used to purchase land, and buildings- veterinary clinic to help cater for these animals. The lack of funds have left us in the position whereby the only chance these animals have of a life is to bring them back to the UK . If we had adequate funds this situation would not have arisen.

The goals of our charity as detailed in our proposal is to conduct a co-ordinated sterilisation and rabies vaccination programme aimed at the stray animals, also to promote change through animal welfare education .

The death of little Milly is evidence of why our urgent work is needed in Sri Lanka and why we need to be out there as quickly as possible.

Kim Cooling - President & Founder of Animal SO Sri Lanka





Animal SOS Sri Lanka� was formed in the autumn of 2006 by seasoned and experienced animal welfare / rights campaigners from the UK. Primarily the vision of Kim Cooling, a social worker from London � herself a long-term animal welfare worker in the UK and overseas. Kim approached other like-minded people to join in unity with her � individuals whom she met through a joint interest in working with animals in Sri Lanka.

This small, UK registered charity was borne out of the frustration felt by all of us over the depressing animal situation each of us have witnessed whilst working individually as self-funded volunteers in different parts of the country. We were all overcome by the quiet despair, misery and silent suffering of thousands of animals on the island � strays, pets, wildlife and livestock alike. Most obvious is that of the street dogs and strays, because they are everywhere to be seen.
We had all noticed the blatant lack of a decent facilities to cater for the health needs of the street animals � and so have now pooled our ideas, resources and skills to realise our ultimate goal � to alleviate animal suffering, drastically raise standards in animal welfare and veterinary care - and to leave in place a legacy for their future.

The four, native UK members of Animal SOS Sri Lanka have previously worked individually as volunteers overseas in many other countries including:
Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Greece, China and Spain.


To buy land in Sri Lanka on which to build a �No-Kill� refuge and veterinary clinic

To offer a safe haven for primarily street dogs (but other stray animals also to be helped).

A sanctuary base, for long-term disabled animals � who have difficulty coping on the streets post trauma � where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace.

A well equipped surgical facility to offer quality medical care and operations, proper treatments and nutrition.

The rescue of pups and kittens from rubbish heaps and roadsides (re-homing scheme).

Ongoing neutering and full vaccination programme including rabies.

Mass blood testing and treatment of tropical and common diseases. Parasite eradication � especially tick vectors.

To provide decent facilities and kennelling: maternity, recovery, isolation, intensive care.

To create a kinder and more compassionate society for animals through animal welfare education.


To secure the property in Sri Lanka for our charity�s use for years to come.

To continue what we first set out to achieve � the alleviation of animal suffering by drastically raising standards in veterinary care and animal welfare.

To offer high standards and humane solutions to the desperate animals.

Implement an ongoing sterilization / neutering campaign, full vaccinations and rabies, routine blood testing with quick diagnosis and proper treatments for diseases and ailments.

To introduce modern protocols and methods in veterinary care � by having volunteer vets working alongside Sri Lankan vets � training in techniques. To swap experiences and learn from each other for the ultimate well-being of the animals � ie: share Western and Sri Lankan theories and amalgamate them � therefore raising standards.

Work alongside the government and authorities to introduce landmark animal welfare legislation and regulations.

Instil animal welfare in education and at a grass-roots level, with the help of a major media campaign.

To leave in place a secure legacy for the future of these otherwise, destitute and doomed animals.


Thank you so much for your support, please visit us here: Animal SOS Sri Lanka

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