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Actions Reported to Biteback - Sri Lanka

 An insight to the Sri Lankan meat industry that mainly caters for tourists and holidaymakers.
 Part 1 *** VERY GRAPHIC *** com/watch? v=-Mm-tzjfjMo
 Part 2 *** VERY GRAPHIC *** com/watch? v=_9g5KcfBGlU

April 2009: The Animal Welfare Bill has, at last, been brought to Parliament, nearly three years after the Draft Bill, and was presented by the Law Commission to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The much outdated single piece of legislation that exists today for the protection and welfare of animals is the 'Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance' of 1907. This antiquated law has penalties and fines coming from British times, making a mockery of the law today. In this Ordinance, the fine for the worst acts of cruelty to an animal, remains at rupees two hundred and fifty!

If the Animal Welfare Bill is passed in Parliament, it will not only draw from our past traditions, but will place us among modern progressive societies, which, while upholding human rights, also have
effective laws to protect animals, bringing the treatment of animals within the Rule of Law.

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