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Gemma Ashford: Singlehandedly Saving Thailand's Street Dogs

Lucky was one of seven puppies born outside a bakery in North West Thailand near the Burmese border. Gemma Ashford, a teacher who came to Thailand from the UK to teach refugees began feeding them each morning. Unfortunately, four of the puppies were killed on the road; another died after boiling water was tossed on him and one puppy was kicked to death.

Lucky, Jack and Billy all survived and ended up at the Baan Unrak Sanctuary founded and run by Gemma Ashford and a few volunteers. After seeing how street dogs were mistreated in Thailand, Ashford knew she had to help.

With land donated from the Baan Unrak School, Gemma opened her doors to save the 'untouchable' street dogs. With help from her social media followers and several volunteer veterinarians, Ashford now cares for forty dogs.

Lucky, now called Mabel was recently adopted and spent her first day in her new London home. Brother Jack was also adopted and lives in Holland, while Billy still lives at the sanctuary until he finds a family to call his own.

Below is a video of about the Baan Unrak Sanctuary and the astounding work Gemma Ashford is accomplishing for homeless, sick and abused animals in a part of the world that is intolerant to them.

Lucky's First Day Home In London

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