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Supporters of WFFT Protest Outside Thai Embassy, London

On 2 March 2012, roughly 30 WFFT volunteers, and other WFFT supporters from around the United Kingdom and other nations, gathered outside the Thai Embassy in London to show their support for WFFT and protest the forceful wildlife raids by DNP. The protestors legally demonstrated in front of The Embassy. They created and held signs depicting some of the confiscated animals, with verses reading, "Missing, Have you seen these loved animals", "I support Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand", "I urge the speedy and safe return of [WFFT's] animals back to the WFFT sanctuary", among others. Senior embassy staff from the Thai Embassy, UK agreed to meet with Sophie Dubus, a volunteer of WFFT and member of the WFFT Supporters Group, and Philip Mansbridge, CEO of Care for the Wild. For up-to-date information concerning what is happening please visit our facebook page at or our website at

A YouTube video from the protest can be found at:

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