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Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

* Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand's status update.

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand:

WE NEED MORE HELP: anyone with contacts with international NGO's that help with disaster relief please forward our plea for assistance!

We need urgently more moving cages, medical supplies and food for the rescued animals. So far we have been working on our own and we can't cope without HELP.

* Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand URGENT MESSAGE: The WFFT has officially informed the WSPA that we no longer wish to be a "WSPA member society" and WFFT has on immediate bases withdrawn their membership of WSPA. We did this immediately after Soi Dogs Foundation did the same and we feel more organisations will follow suit soon. WFFT is extremely disappointed
by the refusal to financially support any organisation helping in the flooding, and the very slow response. WSPA has a regional office in Bangkok with dozens of staff and claims to have an international disaster relief team stationed in Bangkok led by Dr Ian Dacre who said he would only fund us if we would rent out one of our boats to them for their own project to bring food out with the livestock department.


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