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In praise of ALF for battery hen film footage

From a post to AR-Views by Marguerite:

There have been many discussions on ALF both in support of and against the actions of such groups. I have always taken a precautionary view of ALF activities because I don't abide by destruction of property and breaking the law. However, in some instances it can be determined that the laws (or lack of them) protect those who abuse animals . Recently I visited a friend who had taped part of a documentary here on battery hens (hens kept in extremely confined, dark, dirty conditions, de-beaked etc.)

Apparently the RSPCA had been informed on several occasions of the terrible conditions under which these hens existed. Yet the RSPCA apparently said that their jurisdiction did not cover battery hens or that there was some legal reason which forbade them to act on behalf of these hens.

ALF entered the battery hen house by night and filmed the horrible conditions under which these hens existed. This included removing a hen from the cages for the camera to film . This hen could not stand up and flesh had been pecked away from her side exposing a huge gaping area which would undoubtedly become infected. She must have been in extreme pain and I deplore the Australian authorities who allow such misery to exist in the name of battery egg production. Never was there so sad and deplorable sight as all of these hens living in these cramped disgusting unhealthy conditions.

I don't buy eggs for myself and when I do buy eggs for my mother, I pay extra and buy free range.

The point I am writing on is this. If it hadn't been for ALF exposing this atrocity in battery hen farming on film, the "7.30 Report" could not have shown the film footage and brought the whole story out into the public arena. The RSPCA is meant to help all creatures great and small. The reality is probably that its own charter and existing laws make this motto hard to fulfill.

The "7.30 Report" also stated that they had not shown the worst of the film footage because of how horrific it was.

It seems that there is a need for the ALF to obtain evidence on behalf of our suffering animal brethren where others fear to tread.

Since viewing this film footage, I wonder how much animal abuse is destined never to be exposed until someone takes the necessary steps to make such exposures.

Kind Regards,

Marguerite, Western Australia

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