International Animal Rights Day 8th-10th December 07

Dear Friends

International Animal Rights Day

Please support and participate in the 10th annual International Animal Rights Day on (or around) the 10th December. Last year there were more actions than ever before in almost every corner of the world, including several large marches for animal rights. Please help us to make this unique campaign event bigger and better than ever for the sake of animals everywhere!

So, how can you do this?

1. Organise a candlelit vigil at a local place where the rights of animals are abused/ignored

Many were organised last year, and received a good deal of regional media attention (send out those news releases).

Sites included: offices and shops of companies, universities, government departments and charities that conduct, support or promote animal testing, factory farms, abattoirs, butchers, fast food outlets, greyhound stadia, racetracks, bookies, live export docks, bull-rings, hunt supporting organisations, or even at a prominent or historical site in the town centre.

You will need: candles, lanterns, banners, warm clothes! If you have plenty of candles, lanterns, banners and posters etc. the vigils look very powerful and effective - even if there are only a few of you.

2. Organise a procession/march through a city/town centre. There were many last year that had tremendous attendance and media coverage.

3. Conduct a campaign stall

Inform the public that 'animal rights' is not scary, frightening and irrational, but a logical, well thought out, peaceful and sensible way to think about our relationship with animals. You may wish to conduct your stall on Saturday 8th when it will be busier. Send news releases to your regional media too. We will have leaflets, posters, petitions available.

4. Write letters

Write to national, regional papers (including the freebies), magazines, comments sections of websites, online animal forums etc.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours for animals' rights

Max Newton Campaigns Co-ordinator 

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