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Project WildLife | Conservation Through Education & Wildlife Care

American Humane Association

Car Ride Safety for Dogs

Caring for Animals: Disaster Safety Guide

Fire Safety and Prevention for Pets

The Guide to Pet-Safe House Plants

Compiled by Arkangel

Blood Sports

Anti-snaring Campaign 
Description: Campaigns against the use of snares.

Badger Killers 
Description: Direct action against DEathFRA - monitoring, sabotaging, preventing the UK government from slaughtering another species (protected by law - apparently)

Diary of a Hunt-Sab 
Description: Useful notes for sabbing blood-junkies

Hunt Saboteurs Association 
Description: Direct action against bloodsports

Kill Hunting 
Description: As it says - partial hunt banning measures will not do; do it OUTRIGHT

Rich At Play 
Description: Online edition of the informative booklet clearly showing the history, politics & landownership reasons behind the CA, & why governments do not want to abolish bloodsports.

Roots-of-Blood Campaign 
Description: Unapologetic campaign against the pro-hunt Woodland Trust

Hunt Watch
Description: A base for all hunt monitoring groups in the UK.


Rose-Tinted Menagerie 
Description: Online resource outlining the extensive & exploitative history of the slavery of animals for human 'entertainment'

Direct Action

ALF.PL - Forum 
Description: Polish Animal Liberation Front - forum.

Description: Online US direct action resource - don't wait to be told what to do; BITE BACK

Accion Vegana 
Description: Spanish direct action news

ALF Poland - InfoGroup 
Description: ALF Poland - InfoGroup

Animal and Earth Liberation (Russian ALF) 
Description: Information about animal and earth liberation in Russia. Website ALF-SG in Russia in russian language.

Animal Liberation Front  
Description: Useful, straight-talking and educational - nothing less to be expected from ALF

Barry Horne 
Description: A site commemorating the life and death of animal right prisoner Barry Horne, who died on Nov 5 2001 following a series of hunger strikes.

Befriete Tiere 
Description: German website publicising battery farming of hens and liberations of hens

Billboard Liberation Front 
Description: The D.I.Y. Guide

Hidden Tongue 
Description: Unusual & worthy

No Compromise 
Description: The title is self-explanatory - recommended 
Description: Stay safe, stay secured, stay one step ahead

Spanish ALF 

Description: Turkish Green VegAnarchist Fanzine

Fur Trade

Campaign to Abolish the Fur Trade 
Description: The Campaign to Abolish the Fur Trade campaigns for an end to the manufacture and sale of fur. There are groups all round the orld; this is the UK site.

Djurrens Ratt 
Description: Swedish crew will not abide fur farms

Fur For Animals 
Description: Dutch site with this link in English. 86% majority against fur farming in Holland - again the voice of the people is ignored. Direct action talks loudest.

Fur Free Alliance (Infurmation) 
Description: Recommended for investigation and expose of the vile fur trade in cat & dog skins in China which can legally be sold as 'species-unlabelled' globally.

Fur Is Dead 
Description: Fur is dead cos it is & so are the 'people' who wear it

Neiman Carcass 
Description: The US campaign against Neiman Marcus

Offensive Against the Fur Trade 
Description: German coalition against the fur trade. Currently running campaign against the Peek & Cloppenburg chain.

Description: In Finnish - more Scandic anti-fur action

Real price of fur 
Description: In russian language

General Animal Rights

Description: discusses the abolitionist v welfarist debate, pro-SHAC, interviews, campaigns include Shut Down Lenah Game Meats and the Possum abattoirs, latest book reviews, interviews with Greg Avery, Gary Francione, Greyhound Action International, Animal Abusers v Animal Activists, SPEAK's Rob Coswell and Mel Broughton interviewed, front page changes every 3 months

An Animal Voice, Minoesj 
Description: Find resources on animal rights, animals and religion, vegetarianism and veganism. Post your opinions on the forum or find equal minds on the chat room. A new international animal rights, vegetarian and vegan site. Be a part of it.

Animal Contacts Directory 
Description: The Animal Contacts Directory aims to encourage mutual support and communication between the many groups and individuals working for animal rights and welfare, as well as those working to protect the environment which we share with them. The Directory provides a coordinated means for groups to contact one another with details of their work, news of campaigns or requests for support and information. Concerned individuals will find it an essential guide to every aspect of animal rights and welfare.

Animal Protection Alliance 
Description: Russian website about animal rights. In Russian language.

Animal Rights Calendar 
Description: Up to date, on-the-spot AR calendar.

Description: Arpix provides a large image database full of animal rights related images. The use for animal rights is free.

Animal Rights Vegan 
Description: Views digest. Philosophical and probably critical!

Brute Ethics
Description: An Animal Ethics Encyclopedia and primer, the only one online about animal ethics. It should appeal to anyone with an inquiring mind, especially people with an interest in issues related to animals, such as animal rights, animal welfare, nature conservation and applied ethics.

Cornwall's Voice For Animals 
Description: A Site Strictly For Education and Information - Uniting People For Animals World Wide. (always something new added).

Farmed Animal Net 
Description: Farm animals, slaughter, vivisection, xenotransplantation, GM, BSE, F&M, bovine growth hormone, antibiotics and the legislation which tells us we need it (and so much more), despite the evidence on site saying its killing ALL of us....veganism is the truth.

Description: Dedicated to animal liberation. Supportive of direct action to end animal cruelty. Working to eliminate to suffering of animals for food, sport, clothing, entertainment and experimentation.

Liberation Magazine 
Description: Online magazine covering all aspects of animal rights.

Meat Free Media 
Description: A site which provides excellent video footage of demonstrations in New Zealand

Polish Top Sites of Animal Rights 
Description: Polish Top Sites of Animal Rights, freedom links, enlaces por la libertad total 
Description: LINKS sobre ANIMALISMO, Uni�n Vegetariana Internacional, Mcmuerte, MurderKing, Animal Freedom, derechos para los animales, razones por las que no comer cadaveres, Refugios, Resistencia animal, Recetas Sanas ...

RAF [ Resistance Antispeciste Francaise] 
Description: Le site de la R�sistance Antisp�ciste Fran�aise avec groupes locaux internationaux !

Redditch Animal Rights 
Description: We campaign against all animal cruelty in Redditch and we support other Midlands/National groups.

Resistencia Natural 
Description: Resistencia natural es un movimiento consciente del maltrato, la opresi�n, la explotaci�n y los atropellos a los cuales est�n constantemente sometidas las distintas formas de vida que no hacen parte de la raza humana, por la misma. Rehusando radicalmente, a ser c�mplices de las injusticias para con los seres vivos no humanos, proponemos un CAMBIO URGENTE EN LA PERCEPCI�N Y ACTITUD de los seres humanos frente al tratamiento que han venido d�ndole a la naturaleza.

Southern Animal Rights Coalition
Description: A high profile, and very visible organistation. Many people's first point of contact with the animal rights movement.

Think Vegan - Equality for all 
Description: Website that promotes animal equality and activism against speciesism.

Total Liberation
Description: Second site run by Southern Animal Rights Coalition

Vegan Activist || Building Animal Equality 
Description: Blog about animal equality, antispeciesism, veganism and activism.

West Midlands Animal Action 
Description: Campaigning against all animal cruelty in the Midlands. Site includes local news, dates and contacts. 
Description: French animal rights site supporting direct action

Political Parties

Conservative Animal Welfare 
Description: Provides information about the Conservative Party's animal welfare policies.

Animals Worldwide 
Description: Animals Worldwide has been formed to help small sanctuaries and rehoming centres, to assist with catch/neuter/return projects and to assist in the worldwide endeavour to bring cruelty to domestic animals to an end.

Animals Count 
Description: Created to establish a voice for the animals through a dedicated political party, which focuses on respect and compassion for all living beings.

Prisoner Support

Anarchist Black Cross 
Description: Support for political prisoners including animal rights prisoners.

Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group - UK 
Description: The ALF Supporters Group provides moral and financial support to people imprisoned for ALF actions in the UK.

Earth Liberation Prisoners 
Description: Support for prisoners convicted of activism against environmental destrustion, including animal rights prisoners.

Description: Staying free to fight back...

Vegan Prisoners Support Group 
Description: Supports vegan prisoners by helping to sort out food, toiletries, etc.


Description: Online database of vegan consumer products.

Vegan Society 
Description: The UK Vegan Society. A charity which promotes a vegan lifestyle.

Veganism Mailing List 
Description: Veganism & animal liberation website from Spain


Animal Research TAKES Lives - Humans and Animals Both Suffer 
Description: Free access to on-line book that rebuts on scientific grounds, the claims made by vivisectors of supposed benefits of animal experiments. Site includes full text of the book, plus background and reaction. Published by New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (Inc.).

BPRC Moetdicht 
Description: BPRC is the biggest monkey facility in Europe. Here's the site campaigning to close it down, in English and Dutch. Think SHAC Euro style...this sucker will be closed down.

Description: Italian/German website of campaign to close lager Covance. News, stuff and appointments.

Covance Campaign 
Description: Well represented grass-roots campaign.

Diary of Michelle Rokke 
Description: The abysmal truth and the nightmare some have to endure to expose the scientifically flawed methodology to the world.

Description: Doctors & Lawyers for Responsible Medicine. Scientific AVs who need all the support possible.

Europeans for Medical Progress (EMP) 
Description: Organisation of scientists and medical professionals. Their goal is to protect human health by questioning animal-based research and promoting human-specific medical research.

GOD's Animal 
Description: Please go to our website and sign our petition to END animal abuse.

Huntingdon Sucks 
Description: Useful website with decent bulletin board and resources to support grass-roots campaigners.

International Campaigns 
Description: Activist structure dedicated to increase antivivisection activism (and animal rights) in French-speaking countries and especially in France. International Campaigns exists to relay, run and launch campaigns against the vivisection industry.

New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (Inc.) 
Description: Scientific anti-vivisection from a New Zealand perspective.

Description: Flashanimation about Covance in Muenster/Germany. Don't miss it!

Primate Freedom 
Description: Get a tag, get connected, tell the world

Description: Righting the wrongs spouted by the fraudulent vivisection lobby's funded voicebox aka the RDS. The nemesis of lies.

Description: ....and grows....

Description: Seriously Ill Against Vivisection. Non-apologetic call for human-based scientific research methods, by those who know ABOLITION is their ONLY ALTERNATIVE.

Description: Campaign against the building of the Oxford University Animal Research Centre and the total abolition of vivisection.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty 
Description: Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

Stop Sequani Animal Testing 
Description: SSAT campaign against Sequani animal testing laboratories (previously Toxicol labs) in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Demos are held weekly against the labs and their suppliers.

Xeno diaries - Diaries of Despair 
Description: The truth which Bliar's government and British legal system tried to suppress, even though the law was broken and Imutran, HLS and the barbarous slaughter were exposed.


The Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS)  
Description: Captive Animals Protection Society campaign against captivity of animals in zoos and circuses.

Added in 2006
    A resource directory of agricultural sites throughout the world:
     International Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes
     Vegan Voice Vegetarian and Vegan Information
     PETA 2
     In vitro Meat
     Vegan Outreach
     Stolen Pets


      Animal Concerns 
Diverse Resources
 Nature's Corner Magazine -- Sept 2005. New online magazine
      World Animal Net  (A huge directory of groups worldwide)
      L.E.A.P -- League for Earth and Animal Protection
Diverse Resources and Humane Education Information
      Animal Rights Counterculture (Resources for Teachers)
      Humane Education Research Information
      EarthKind Uk
      National Association For Humane And Environmental Edu.
      Kindnews Online
      The Benefactory -- true stories about all kinds of animals for kids 5-10, with a percentage going to shelters and nonprofits. 
      Share The World 
      ASPCA Humane Education
Wildlife and Children
      Fund For Animals: Kids, Teachers and Teens
      CIVITAS: Why There Are Too Many Deer

Violence Prevention: Human/Animal Connection
      Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
      Humane Educator
      The Latham Foundation

Humane Educators
      EarthRoot Education Humane/Environmental Education NY
      Speak: (Humane Education Speakers Bureau)

Humane Science/Animal Care
      Replacing School Hatching Projects: United Poultry Concerns                     
      Ethical Science and Education Coalition (NEAVS)
      Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine
      The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS)
      Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights
      NORINA Alternatives database
      Animals & Society: A List of Courses  from HSUS

Companion Animals and Humane Education
      People Pet Partnership Curriculum
      Common Poisonous Plants for Companion Animals
      Common Household Dangers
      Humane Society of Arizona Education Department
      ASPCA Humane Education
      Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights free animal art: pages to print and color for edu
      National Humane Education Society
      House Rabbit Society
      Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
      Morgan County Humane Society: Humane Education
      Worldwide Shelter Directory
      The National Animal Abuse Registry
      Last Chance For Animals
      Animal Link
      Animal Welfare Education
      Massachusetts Society for the Protection of Animals

Up to Date Information on Animal Advocacy and Alerts
      Animals Agenda Publication
      Animal People Online
Farm Animals and Humane Education
      Farm Sanctuary

      How On Earth

Zoo and Wildlife Education
Zoo Check Canada
      Born Free Foundation
      Zoo Animals To Go: Mercury Center San Jose Mercury

Websites for Students
      Youth Corp For Animals
      All For Animals: Student Information
      How On Earth

Humane Social Science
      Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
      Educational Psychology, Culture, Ethics, Animals
Humane Education Video and Films
      Tribe of Heart

School Violence
      KEN School Violence Prevention
      First Strike

Animal Abuse And Human Violence
      First Strike
      Beyond Violence The Human-Animal Connection (PSYETA)
      PCRM Fostering Compassion for Animals Could Prevent
      ABA: The Link
      Untangling the Animal Abuse Web/ PSYETA

Additional Humane Education Links
      World Animal Net Humane Education Information
      Kind Planet
      Animal Place
     Great Apes Advocacy and Personhood
     Great Ape Project
     Coalition To End Primate Experimentation
     Jane Goodall Institute
     Center For Expansion of Fundamental Rights
     Fauna Foundation
     Grasp (Great Ape Standing and Personhood)
      Dr. Steve Best
      Dr. David Sztybel
Dissection Alternatives and Education Information
      New England Anti-Vivisection Society
      The National Anti-Vivisection  Society
      The Humane Society of the United States - Animal Research
      Animals in Higher Education On-line Monograph
      Cut Out Dissection

Farming Information --A marketplace for buying and selling various breeds of farm animals like alpacas, horses, guard dogs,cattle, swine,goats, sheep, fish, herding dogs, mules, llamas, farming related merchandise, as well as farming related jobs, animal products and a wide range of services.
      Resource location :
      Description : Aims to disseminate information of use to people with small farms or rural property. Topics include farm, poultry, chickens, ducks, geese, game birds, turkeys and much more. Most documents are in pdf format.
      Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM)
      Factory Farming Videos and Photos Online
      Factory Farming Information
      No Downers
      United Poultry Concerns
      Poultry Org
      Farm Animals Shelters
      Farm Sanctuary
      Humane Farming Association (HFA)                                       

Marine Mammals Protection and Advocacy
      The Dolphin Project
      Dolphin Freedom
Zoo Check Canada
      Swim with the Dolphins Fact-sheet
      Sea Shepherd
      Ocean Defense International
      World Whale Police

Puppy Mills
      Help Puppies
      No Puppy Mills

Sled Dogs
      Sled Dog Action Coalition

Companion Animal Theft
      Last Chance For Animals
Legal Issues For Animals
       Animal Legal Defense Fund
       Animal Rights Law Center :Rutgers University 
       Great Ape Project (GAP)
       Center For Expansion of Fundamental Rights

Vegetarian and Vegan Resources
       Vegan Outreach
       Earth Save Healthy People Healthy Planet
       Great American Meatout
       Veganet: Eating vegan and vegetarian
       Vegetarian Resource Group
       Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine 

       The NotMilk Homepage

       Medical Research Modernization Committee
       New England Anti-Vivisection Society
       Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine   
       The National Anti-Vivisection  Society
       Great Ape Project (GAP)
       Humane Society of the United States

       Fund For Animals
       HSUS Wildlife Fur
       Betrayal Of Trust: Investigation Into Dog And Cat Fur Trade
       Coalition Abolish the Fur Trade

      Paws Circus Information
      The Humane Society of the United States: Circus Information
      Animal Channel On-line Video: Behind the Big Top
      On-line book: The Rose-Tinted Menagerie
      Encore:"Circus of Abuse" Outdoor Life Network/HSUS


Faith and Animal Protection
      Jews For Animal Rights
      Christian Animal Rights Effort       
      All Creatures
Animals and Natural Disasters
       United Animal Nations

General Animal  Advocacy (Many Issues)
       In Defense of Animals
Born Free USA
       Humane Society of the United States
       Defenders of Animals
       Compassion Over Killing
       Friends Of Animals
       United Animal Nations
       Humane Society of Canada
       Alliance For Animals
       Friends Of Animals
       All For Animals
       Animal Alliance of Canada
       Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
       Animal Rights Coalition
       Voice For All Animals
       Fund For Animals
       Animal Protection Institute
       Animals Agenda Publication
       Animal Aid UK
       Last Chance For Animals
       Voice For All Animals
       Animal Protection Institute
       International Fund for Animal Welfare
Wild At Heart - an animal lib organization in Toronto, Canada

Animal Newsletters
      Animal Rights Online

Animal Advocacy Publications
      Animal People Online
      Animals Agenda Publication
      Animal Concerns

Animals in the Media
     Animal Channel
     Ark Trust and Genesis Awards

Humane and Environmental Videos and Films
      The Video Project
      Bullfrog Films
Gallup Polls
      Gallup Poll Results April 2000

Cruelty-Free Products and Information
      Vegetarian Shoes and Bags Vegan Shoes. Daniela Derderian.
      All For Animals : Cruelty-Free Companies Information
      Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics
      Cruelty-Free Products from Pangea Vegan Store

Cruelty-Free Charities
Contact USA Government
      Contact The Senate
      Project Vote Smart

Humane Voters
      League of Humane Voters

Education Departments
      United States Department of Education
      State Education Agencies

Western New York Animal Protection
       Animal Rights Advocates of Western New York
       BARC (University at Buffalo Animal Rights Coalition)
Human Rights Information and Education Resources
      Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN)
      Amnesty International
      United Nations: Human Rights
      Elie Wiesel "The Perils of Indifference"
      Human Rights Watch
      Masters In Legal Studies
      Educators For Social Responsibility
      The Video Project
      Rainforest Action Network
Environmental Education Sites
      Environmental Defense Scorecard (Research by zip codes)
      Kids Planet From Defenders of Wildlife
      Green Teacher: Education For Planet Earth
      EarthRoot Education: Humane/Environmental Education  NY
      Wildlife Land Trust
      Global Response : Environmental Action and Education Network
      Beavers Wetland And Wildlife
      Alliance To Save Energy: Lesson Plans, Green Schools Info
      Wild Wolves
      Rainforest Action Network
      Enchanted Learning
      Endangered Earth
      The Center for Environmental Education
      Green Brick Road
      EcoKids Online
      Environmental Education Resources
      E Magazine
      Predator Conservation Alliance
      The Environmental Education Network 
      Earth Island Institute
      Youth For Environmental Sanity  (YES)
      Environmental Organization Directory
      EnviroFest (music)
      Earth Voice
      Zero Population Growth
      The Video Project
      Environmental Ethics bibliography:  by Timothy C. Weiskel
      Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

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