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PC Banner Hits Chicago Streets, Thanks to Action Volunteers for Animals
"Don't Just Switch from Beef to Chicken! Get the Slaughterhouse Out of Your Kitchen!" read by millions

This summer, Ava Barcelona and Action Volunteers for Animals made a huge United Poultry Concerns banner and took it to the streets along with UPC literature. Ava told UPC: "The banner can be read from very far away. When thousands of cars passed by us throughout the summer, the cheering was very loud, hundreds of thumbs up! During the week of the Taste of Chicago, we stood with the banner near the main convention center entrance. Though most of the million visitors came to "taste meat," we did not have to deal with a single case of confrontation. Without a doubt, this day was the highlight of my life."

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    Comment from Action Volunteers for Animals

    Since none of the many animal advocacy groups approach the issue in a similar way, Action Volunteers for Animals places a very special emphasis on the following: since everything on this planet falls into three categories--mineral, vegetable, and animal--humans must resign to the fact that they do not get a separate category. They are the human animal. If one pays any attention whatsoever to history, it doesn't take much to understand that the human animal is not superior to the other, only different.

    If the human animal can possibly comprehend this, that is the first step towards going to the root of the problem: doing away with human arrogance. That leads to the next step in the right direction, to recognize the fact that we have no "rights" on this planet--only privileges.

    Next step, there is absolutely no such thing as "ownership" of anything whatsoever on this planet (we are only borrowing temporarily). This leads to the next step (very obviously), the human animal can not own another animal any more than he does not "own" the cemetery plot where he has been buried. Shocked? Entire cemeteries have been relocated, in case you are not aware.

    Infamous "Dr." Robert White said of animal advocates, "the preoccupation with the alleged pain and suffering of the animals used in medical research may well represent true psychiatric aberrations."

    In view of all of the above, I say, humans not only have the ethical obligation to refrain from exploiting animals to the degree of pain, suffering, but that if they do, it "may well represent true psychiatric aberrations."
    -- Ava Barcelona

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