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The Animal Contacts Directory
 Compiled by Veggies Catering Campaign, Nottingham, UK.

'National Groups' operate on a UK wide or regional basis,
whilst 'Local Groups and Contacts' tend to operate in one town, city or county only.

National Animal Rights and Welfare Groups and Campaigns.
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Forest Dog Rescue - based in the Wyre Forest Region of the UK

Local Animal Rights & Veggie/Vegan Groups and Campaign Contacts in England

Local & national campaign groups & contacts in Northern Ireland ... Scotland ... Wales

Local Rescue, rehoming & rehabilitation contacts throughout the UK.

All animal rights and welfare groups and contacts in the Channel Islands

All animal rights and welfare groups and contacts on the Isle of Man

Overseas & International groups based in the UK.

Healthcare and Natural Healing contacts throughout the UK.

Trading contacts throughout the UK - Vegan Business Connection.
Large file - please be patient.

Other Useful Addresses (environmental, human rights & social justice contacts).

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