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29 Jan. 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Could you use the services of an animal-friendly lawyer? What about an accountant, teacher or graphic designer? Could an expert on intensive farming, vegetarianism, animal experimentation or another animal issue be of assistance to your campaigns? Would an animal-friendly physician, veterinarian, biologist or scientist add impact to your key speaking or writing projects?

Animal Consultants International exists to facilitate the sharing of particularly valuable skills, qualifications, knowledge and experience, for the benefit of animal protection campaigns worldwide. In so doing, we hope to increase the effectiveness and professionalism of campaigns internationally.

A few of the diverse range of achievements of our consultants in the last couple of years include the establishment of the UK's first political party for the animals (, and the publication of several peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrating the poor human predictivity of animal experiments, laboratory animal suffering, and describing the advantages of non-animal alternatives (full studies: Three of these studies recently received animal welfare awards at international scientific conferences. We have leading international experts in a range of other fields too.

Email, particularly, has united us within a global animal protection community, and made readily available the services of some of the world's best animal advocates. If we may be able to assist your campaigns, feel free to contact us via We are all experienced animal advocates and interested in assisting animal protection campaigns worldwide. We can also provide expert presentations in support of a wide range of animal issues.

With regards,

Andrew Knight BSc., BVMS, CertAW, MRCVS


Animal Consultants International

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