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Harley-Riding Lawyer Part of Biker Group That Helps Abused Pets

[National Law Journal]

Attorney Jan Trendowski has long been a gearhead.

He worked as a mechanic to help put himself through college and law school, and he's always had a fondness for motorcycles, particularly Harley-Davidsons.
He has rebuilt Harleys for himself and will be working on one for a friend this winter. It hasn't been difficult to find fellow motorcycle enthusiasts in Connecticut.

But the biker group that Trendowski has joined might take some people by surprise.

The clean-cut Trendowski is part of a pack that includes burly, tough-looking riders all hell-bent on one goal -- putting an end to animal cruelty.

The group is known as Bikers Against Animal Cruelty (BAAC) and includes men and women who are serious about motorcycles and helping pets.

"I hate sad animal stories," Trendowski said. "This group does phenomenal things. People's view of bikers is leather, flames and skulls, but they're always doing rides to donate money to a cause."

Trendowski joined the group two years ago. His wife, Liz, had been interested in rescuing abused and abandoned dogs, especially dachshunds, for the past decade, and the couple has 10 rescued dogs currently living at their house.
Before Bikers Against Animal Cruelty was formed, a small group of biker friends would get together and host fundraiser parties and donate money to local animal shelters in Connecticut. But in 2007, national attention focused on animal cruelty after professional football player Michael Vick was arrested and later imprisoned for his role in running an underground pit bull fighting operation.

The public outcry against animal cruelty led to the formation of BAAC in 2007 as a nonprofit organization.

BAAC does not take in abused animals, but it helps place animals who need foster homes with people who want to care for them. The group works with various animal shelters throughout Connecticut and has a relationship with a group in Florida to help find homes for abused animals. Its members also build and deliver dog houses to people who volunteer to take in animals.

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