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The Animal Protection League of NJ is pleased to announce that we are building and will soon be launching a new website,, which will be dedicated to all aspects of living cruelty-free in New Jersey.

Our goal is that this site will not only be a gathering place for those who want to connect with like minded people, but that it will serve as a valuable resource for those in the general public who desire to make more animal and environmentally friendly choices in their own lives.

As this site is meant to represent our community, much of the content is going to come from the wonderfully diverse people who comprise it. That means you will have the opportunity to share what you know, have your voice heard, and help us all grow.

Have some recipes you want to share, or know what the best non-animal tested products are? Do you know places to take a child on a day trip in our state that doesn't involve animal exploitation? Or are you having problems related to living cruelty-free and need some advice? All this and so much more is what this new site is going to focus on and offer.

Outreach and education through blogging is going to be an important part of this work, and we are looking for people to write on the following specific subjects:

The Cruelty-Free Teen (Best for a high school student)

Cruelty-Free College (A college student trying to live Cruelty-free on or off campus)

The Cruelty-Free family (A mother or father who wants to share the experience of raising children cruelty-free).

Are you involved in wildlife rehabilitation or animal rescue work and have something to say or advice to give? We'd like to hear from you too. Or if you have your own idea for a blog you'd like to write, please let us know!

If you are interested in participating, but may not have had experience blogging before, we will walk you through the process. And we're not just looking for people willing to blog on a regular basis, but also those who may only want to blog once on an issue of importance to them.

We will also be publishing interviews and covering events, so if you are or know of any aspiring reporters, here's your chance to get some experience.

We're looking to launch the site before the end of January, so please contact us soon if you want to get on board.

Contact Stuart Chaifetz at [email protected]

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