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The Earth is mother for human beings, animals and nature. It bears countless fruits, which are offered not only to people, but also to the animal world. The animals are a part of mother Earth. They bear in themselves the awareness of their Creator, which is unity, and they want to be our friends.

The immeasurable suffering of animals today can be most effectively diminished wherever people stop eating meat. We invite you to help us help the animals.

As a non-profit organization that supports the rights of animals with billboards, posters, advertisements, postcards, books, videos and other means, we welcome all people who would like to help us help the animals. Select from any of the following assortment available to read online, preview or order to distribute.

Since 2004 we have been sending this material FREE OF CHARGE.  Unfortunately, contributions have not covered the cost.  Therefore, effective April 1, 2009, we are now requesting payment that exceeds the cost by a little to help us continue to support this effort in third-world countries.

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'Thanksgiving ' For What Will We Give Thanks This Year?'

Almost everywhere on the Earth, Thanksgiving is celebrated for bringing in the harvest, at some point during the year. But for what, actually, shall we give thanks? For the fruit that man wrests from the earth, by spreading manure and slurry on the soil, including pesticides, herbicides and so much more? This causes countless life in the soil to die, but also animals such as hares, field hamsters, larks, hedgehogs, insects, butterflies, beetles, worms; all the microorganisms and the many mammals that live in the hedges and bushes and in the fields, perish with this.

So how can we say that we are celebrating Thanksgiving!? We force the earth to feed us; we do violence to her so that she gives us what we demand of her. The earth would voluntarily give, give, give, if we would supply her with what she needs from nature. It is also what we, of course, need. We also need nutrients such as minerals and trace elements, just like the earth. But does she get from us what she needs? No ' we give her poison. So, what will we, in turn, harvest?

People who know how very much nature is maltreated, how the animals are tortured and slaugh'tered, cannot celebrate Thanksgiving.

The fruit of a tree is the expression of this tree and corresponds to the kind of tree it is. So, what about us? What is our fruit? Isn't it what goes out from us, all that we sense, feel, think, say and do, what we bring forth, accomplish, but also all that we energetically ' visibly or invisibly ' bring about? This shows who we truly are; it reveals our kind, which, in turn, shapes our human nature, and this is the person's state of consciousness.

So can we say: 'No matter where life has placed me, I've given my best?'

We can give only that which we previously have unfolded and developed in ourselves as a gift of the heart. So, do we always give our best ' which is also what God wants?

Many people have nothing to eat. Over one billion people on this earth live in poverty and suffer hunger. And why are they impoverished and hungry? Because mankind nurtures the satanic principle 'I am my own best friend,' instead of fostering communication. The rich and mighty of this world should and could not only give bread to the hungry, but also land, in order to help them farm the land. Instead of that, they even rob them of their raw materials.

The earth would bring forth enough healthy food, enough healthy grain, enough healthy vegetables, to feed all the people on this earth. But what happens instead? Much of what is violently wrested from the earth is fed to artificially bred, so-called livestock, which then, after a life filled with suffering the rich nations slaughter and eat, if not to say, devour, ad nauseum,. Should we give thanks for this?

Nature is suffering ' why? Because we have not served nature. If mankind had served nature, we would have a paradise on this earth.

The eternally unending heavenly Being is unity, which is based on all-encompassing com'munication. Where there is no communication, everything turns marshy; everything there is destroyed; nothing can really ripen or flourish. Who would want to celebrate Thanksgiving in such a place?

True community is communication, which seeks peace, because peace radiates from the mature soul and seeks community. And so, true communication also seeks true friends, brothers and sisters. True friends are with and for each other; they help and serve each other. The true help for a friend is the helping and serving of our neighbor. That is unity, which is communication, that is peace, that is the beginning of true love. And true unity encompasses all life ' all animals, all nature and all human beings.

The Lord's Prayer is the unity, the great, mighty thought of Creation, the great, mighty power of Creation, which Jesus of Nazareth taught us: 'Our Father, who art in heaven; hallowed is Your name.' If we hallow His name day by day by growing towards the unity of all life step by step, then our aura will become calmer and the divine world, our guardian beings, will draw closer to us. This alone brings joy, through which the fruit of life ripens.

November, 2010

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 The Prophetic Voice for the Animals 

Animals suffer unspeakably in the slaughterhouses, in the experimental laboratories and through hunting - killed million fold for the human consumption of meat. The animals speak into the hearts of the people: "Help us, so that we have a roof over our heads just as you do. Feel into your hearts, you people! Feel that we are your little brothers and sisters! ... Please, please, help, so that animal loving people can build shelters for us and give us food!"


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