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Landmark Case for the shelter animals - Be there July 31st, 9:00a.m.

July 31st in Bakersfield, Lock v. KCAC at 9:00 a.m. 1415 Truxton Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Kern County has managed to keep both this case and the animals quiet.
Let's be there for the animals who have died and will die because Kern County is violating "laws in place". Go to " for more information on what could be a Landmark case for California! Kate Neiswender representing Frazier park resident, Patricia Lock.

"Let's stand up for the animals who are hidden behind the walls of Kern County animal shelters" never to be seen or heard from. Not even, in a photograph!

CROSS POST PLEASE to everyone. Carpool if you must....just be there!
This is a most important case.

Shane and Sia Barbi, Founders

Remember the famous calendar models and Playboy Playmates the Barbi Twins?
 Here they are in a clip from their upcoming film on the animal rights
 movement with their surreal alter egos. Director/producer: Curt Johnson

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