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Scared, timed out and nameless in the shelter

Despite being over-stretched ourselves, we knew that saying no to these birds would mean they would be killed. The shelter had already extended their time and there were no other options available... continue reading
Bonus Match Day is Here!
Wednesday 3/13 starting 6 AM PST

Rescued pigeon Clive by Ingrid Taylar Photography (and adopter)

MickaCoo needs your support to save the lives of these smart, loyal and worthy birds. If you're able, please make a tax deductible donation through GlobalGiving on the morning of Wednesday March 13th (soon if not right now!) to earn a 30% bonus match and maximize the impact of your generosity. (Bonus funds usually run out before noon.)

MickaCoo Presents: This Flock Rocks!
Saturday 6/8/13 in SF
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