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New Animal Advocacy Group in Texas

A new animal advocacy group has formed that will be politically active in elections, including Houston's upcoming November elections. The group is called No Kill Texas Advocates.

No Kill Texas Advocates' website will list information such animal shelter statistics; links to local animal related ordinances and state statutes; and contact information for the politicians in each city and county in Texas as well as the state level. Hopefully, it will be a good resource for Texas animal advocates.

See the article on Examiner for more information, "Get political to save shelter pets"

Candidate questionnaires were recently sent out to candidates running for Houston's mayor and city council. The candidates will be rated before the November elections so hopefully we can make informed decisions and elect more animal friendly politicians to city council. There are currently 60 candidates, so we hope that this means that there are several animal friendly candidates are running. Here is the page for Houston: Candidates are listed towards the bottom.

Please help spread awareness about the No Kill Texas Advocates website to all of your animal loving friends and family. We want to make sure that all animal lovers visit the website before they go to the polls in November. We animal lovers must band together to get more animal friendly politicians in office.

No Kill Texas Advocates also has Facebook and Twitter pages:
Facebook -!/pages/No-Kill- Texas-Advocates/105178049570647
Twitter -!/NoKillTxAdvocat


No Kill Texas Advocates

No more compromises. No more excuses. No more killing.

BTW: If you are not registered to vote, you have until October 11th to register if you want to vote in Houston's November elections for Mayor and city council.
You can register online here:

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