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Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary Emergency Appeal

Hi there.

I am contacting you on behalf of a very dear friend, Paula Jayne Campbell. She is the proprietor of Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary.

She has just been forcefully evicted after many years of legal battle with mortgage companies, after she lost her property to fraudsters in a very similar way to the subprime crisis. With no other option she was forced to abandon some of the animals on site however the repossessors are now refusing access to the animals, refusing access to the vet and Paula has now informed us that they have put some of the animals down.

She has a growing appeal fund and has even managed to arrange new homes for some of the animals yet she is being prevented from protecting the animals.

This is a bit of an emergency, is there any way you are able to put her in touch with people who are able to help?

Contact details below:
Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary
Milkup Bank farm
County Durham

map: durham&aq=&vps=1&jsv=474c&sll=-14.239424,-53.186502&sspn=46.858014,86.572266&vpsrc=1&ie =UTF8&ct=clnk&cd=1&spell=1

Paula's current number 01913781464
 [email protected]

Other possible numbers for Paula (taken from website and friends)
+0044 01388 747292
+0044 07722 992643 Texts or call.
[email protected]
My telephone number: 020 3239 0209

My email: [email protected] (lucy)

Sorry for sending this to multiple addresses but as you can imagine we are quite concerned and need to resolve asap.

Please contact me or Paula

With thanks.
Lucy Barnard

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