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New Activist Website - Take 5, Save 5
 January 27, 2010
Has anyone else seen www.take5save5. com yet? It is awesome! It makes online activism really easy. The Humane League put it together so that animal rights people and vegans can have an "effective way to spare five animals a life of suffering with just five minutes of online work."

There's directions about what to do right on the site, but here's more about what the Humane League said about it in their recent newsletter:

"The Take 5 Save 5 initiative costs nothing, and best of all you can save lives every day with just five minutes of your time! With the Take 5 Save 5 initiative, you can put free vegetarian starter packs in the hands of people from across the country using postings on Craigslist and elsewhere. We've thoroughly tested this process throughout 2009, with astounding results:  follow-up surveying showed that about 60% of people who ordered a veg starter pack from us online reduced their meat consumption, and that 3 to 7% of them went vegetarian! Please check out the site now at http://www.take5sav to try it out. We also strongly encourage you to consider making the website your home page, so that when you log on to the internet each day you'll be reminded to take a few minutes and save a few animals."

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