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Vets Beyond Borders

Vets Beyond Borders is an Australian-based, not-for-profit, organisation established by veterinary volunteers in 2003. Vets Beyond Borders co-ordinates and runs veterinary based animal and public health programs in developing communities of the Asia and Pacific region.

What we do

Work with local governments and organisations to establish effective veterinary based programmes

Undertake the clinical training of local veterinary personnel to build their skills

Co-ordinate volunteer veterinarians and veterinary nurses to work on these programmes

Supply much needed medications and surgical equipment

Facilitate the funding of buildings and important infrastructure such as kennels to hospitalise treated animals

Contribute to the development of wider programmes to address animal welfare and community health issues

VBB achievements

Surgically sterilized over 30,000 street dogs preventing the birth of thousands more street dogs each year

Vaccinated over 65,000 dogs and cats against rabies

Trained over 320 local veterinary staff to increase their surgical skills and animal welfare knowledge

Provided care for thousands of animals whom have never seen a vet before and performed pain relieving and life saving procedures including fracture repair and cancer treatment

Contributed to developing kennels and infrastructure to hospitalise injured animals

Worked with governments in developing countries to implement humane alternatives to euthanasing or impounding stray dogs.

Where we work

Currently most of VBB's work is in India where VBB's founder Catherine Schuetze is often based, with two longstanding projects in Ladakh & Sikkim. Another project in the stages of becoming established is Bylakuppe in South India and VetTrain has been relaunched in regional centres in 2012 .

A veterinary training programme in collaboration with ACTAsia is on again in 2012 in China, after running very successfully since 2009.

VBB is always looking to expand its work into other developing countries aswell as developing affiliations with other orgainsations working to improve animal & public health.

Please visit Our Projects page for further information on VBB's current projects.