AR Orgs

Links on animal liberation, anarchism, punk rock, straight edge, hardcore

Primate Freedom

focus on the Coulston Foundation in New Mexico, killing chimps

Animal Liberation

No Compromise, up to date news on direct action

Vegan Resistance Records - all profits support ALF!

vegan site "declared worst homepage in America" it says

no more killing - go vegan - VERY MILITANT

Twilight13's Animal Rights

the vegan punk rock, international veggie punkrock union

social order webpage, shines light on many less noticed problems that affect society

deliberate destruction - VEGAN MAYHEM

Wild At Heart - an animal lib organization in Toronto, Canada


Animal Aid Online - UK

xuglygrrrlx - visit this

Halo Tattoos - this is where I get mine done

xgirlx - another personal sXe site

xTONGUEx - I don't know shit about this band

sisterhood xxx, members from all over, will impress everyone

xPRIDEx - Dutch site

The Ray & Porcell Page

Earth Crisis fan site - Smash or Be Smashed

xxxforlifexxx - never updated, but everybody loves it

SSD History - mostly pictures

jawk smashzine - very hi-tech now + a record label

another sXe site if you can't get enough

Slapshot home page! Negative FX too.

one of the best sites dealing with moral issues around straight edge, sxethic

retribution - vegan straight edge with huge tattoo gallery

the Monster X tribute


UK band - conflict - amazing site by raven

G.B.H.! Charged G.B.H.! the best site of this fast band

broken-up power violence Coleman tribute site, def nasty was in the band

punk girl, LOTS of pictures of famous punk girls from bands

KissyFace, extreme Boston band - tear your heart out

Erasers in the Night , now Beating the Blind, real punk site

Thrash Zone - crossover metal! D.R.I.! Cro-Mags!

Crust as Fuck , huge site covering the crust/peace punk scene

(A) FEAR OF SOCIETY (E) - Aus Rotten and that kind of stuff

piss fuck doom - power violence zine

HIDDEN TONGUE DISTRO political zines from the HC and punk activist scenes. Also a zine online! RAVENN FANZINE with many animal issues and underground writing.

outpost #13 - vegan, socialist

Soul Brains, the original Bad Brains reformed

a history of Posh Boy records - all in all, it's kind of wierd

D.R.I. - the real deal, run by Spike Cassidy himself

Oi Polloi, still one of the best

Dropdead, a very simple page on this RI band

website of zine The Probe

More Political Stuff

earthdefense, a personal site, also in defense of violent tactics

Camel City Rebel Alliance site by ex Naked Angels member, South East Hardcore 

official Jennie Garth site, see her peta section

the pushead fan site - tons of art and record covers

perhaps the best Krishnacore fanzine, Extricate

Holy Terror on-line, Dwid's church (Integrity)

a revolution based on ideas, not music - (A)//(E) - former punk focuses on change - flyers and pamphlets

We hate Adam page - animal activists not getting along


Hardcore's Most Hated

Lost & Found Records

One Life Crew / One Life Drug Free