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Vegetarian / Vegan
McSpotlight Homepage  
Doc Vegan
Useful list of ingredients for vegans in 4 languages.
Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants Around the World
Worldwide vegetarian dating and networking service
Largest eco-friendly product directory

Animal Rights
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Undercover Slut
The Silent Muse
dedicated to mainstreaming animal rights issues.
The Menagerie: Jo Swabe's Homepage  France, scientific. Author.
Sarah's Page for the Animals  
Shamanism Working With Animal Spirits
Site honors the spiritual wisdom of the animals. Shamanism is the worlds oldest healing tradition. Learn the wisdom of over 100 animals.
Joanie's Wildlife Homepage From humpbacks and their singing, to the toxicated polar bear of the north, to the alligator farming in Africa.
Help The Animals Information about cruelty to animals and what a person can do to help stop the cruelty. Photos, poetry, and links to highlight the problems and solutions.
Sacred Memories Petitions to sign for stronger laws to protect the animals.
For the Love of Rats Pet rat rescue, rat care books, pet rat care, and more.
Twilight's Animal Rights Haven Dedicated to educating people on the rights of animals.