1.) Which person is quoted by AR activists?

Albert Einstein
George Bernard Shaw
Abraham Lincoln
All of the above

2.) An AR activist would rather do which of the following?

Buy a puppy at a pet store
Eat a hamburger
Have hemorrhoid surgery

3.) Animal Rights is the philosophy of allowing animals to...

live free from human exploitation
be protected from extinction

4.) Official ALF membership, worldwide, is approximately equal to the number of...?

steps a veal calf is allowed to take
animals killed for meat per hour in U.S.
animals required by pound-seizure laws to be turned over to labs for experimentation

5.) What is the occupation with the highest employee rate of injury in the USA?

slaughterhouse worker
second place
third place

6.) Which song is not a favorite of AR activists?

Fur, by Jane Wiedlin
by Linda Gentille
I Don't Love You Since You Ate My Dog

7.) What will a vegan eat?

fish, fruit, vegetables
nuts, fruits, and vegetables
vegetables, fruits, and dairy products

8.) Which company does NO testing on animals?

Proctor and Gamble
Victoria's Secret

9.) Which book does not promote animal rights?

Contract Bridge for Beginners
Hatful of Pain
Diet for a New America

10.) Do you trust the ALF?

wrong answer
correct answer
wrong answer