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"Whooa! Think I'll wait."

"Titmouse with a moustache"

"Whatta yea mean you ain't got any butter?"

"Ahhhhh, that was terrific! Now, can you scratch just a little to the left?"
"Are you my mother?!"
"Now, this is a strange looking tree!"

Frosty, usually known at the nicest snowman, 
becomes a partner in crime.

Barn Swallow (China)
"Sore Swallow" 
This little swallow speaks for himself.

Red Belly
"Where are the trees?" 
Red gets back at Mr. Johnson for cutting down the old cherry tree
by pecking the next best thing.

Franklins on a Raid
"Franklins on a raid"

 "As soon as you leave those seeds are mine!"

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