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Jay Leno: I only eat meat that's roadkilled by a Prius.
     McDonald's calls their new sandwich a third-pounder because you have to pound your heart 3 times after you eat it to get it going.

Jamie Kilstein: Vegans
Comedian Doug Stanhope on Sea World
Factory Farm Letter - I want to go into the 'not raising hogs' business
April Fools Day - Non-Milkman columns
Still Not Asking For It - photo, body art (warning: sexual)
Proof There Is No God - photo
The Children's Bible in a Nutshell
New Research Finds Link Between Hunting and Small Penis Size
Professional Editing of Amateur Drumming
The Dam Letter - March 2009
Animal rights activists appalled at Nature's violence - Dec 08
Why Some Men Are Better With Dogs
Captions Etc 1    Captions Etc 2
To God, from Dog
Tired Dog - joke - Life from a bird's point of view - An Engineer's Guide to Cats
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Dogs Welcome - George Carlin on religion
Funny Veggie Quotes - powerpoint.pps (5mb)
About Dogs- powerpoint.pps
Because They Can - That's the answer (you know the question)
Rules for Cats to Live By
Pigeon's Support of "Meat Out Day"
Cats Listening to Music
Dog and Cat Diaries
Employee Reviews (or insults in general)
Pet Rules
Moral Dilemma - joke
Dance Monkey Dance - video
Open Letter to Dr. Laura - Thanks for the religious guidelines...
Intelligent Design -- Bill Maher succinctly summarizes the case against Intelligent Design.
Video Clips1 -- Funny Animal Video Clips
Save Robert -- An answer to an extortion attempt found on a myspace web page by "Robert"
Terrorist Drill
Common Prayer -- We've all said it.
Top 10 Bird Flu Plan -- Top Features Of President Bush's Bird Flu Pandemic Plan
Math In Calif -- Evolution of teaching math in California
Bush Hitler -- Similar photo ops
Not-Milkman Jokes -- Jokes about the Not-Milkman, and one of his own
Milk on Seinfeld -- The subject of milk in Jerry Seinfeld routines
Top 10 Bird Flu -- Top Ten Dumb Guy Tips For Avoiding The Bird Flu
Internet chat -- Some funny Internet chats
Intel Design -- Open Letter to School Board regarding teaching Evolution and Intelligent Design
What Beings Want -- What Do Women Want? is what Sir Lancelot was asked
Dog Jokes -- Mostly Dog Jokes by Elayne Boosler
Dog Notice -- Notice to people entering my home
Rules for Pets -- Try and explain these to your dog
Life As A Camel -- two camel's talking
eco-depth gage -- How deep is your ecology? Take a sounding.
Lab Rabbit -- After a lab rabbit escapes, then what?
Cow Poetry -- it could happen....
What animals want -- if they made a list of demands
Vegetable Jokes -- from Melanie
Meat Cookbook -- It may have been appealing 50 years ago, but....
Grill Myths -- Myths exposed after 50 years
You R Farmer -- You know that you're a dairy farmer if:
Top 10 Lists -- Why I'm Opposed To Animal Tests. Why Animals Are Superior to Scientists
Aging -- Jokes about aging
15 lb burger -- Why, you ask?
Revenge of Rainbow -- Where animals go when they are fed up with humans
AR Answer Mach -- Hello, You have reached 123-4567, Tender Hearts Rescue.
Dogs' Definitions -- Some definitions for dogs living with humans
Taking Dog Photographs -- How to. It only sounds easy.
Choose 1 -- Classified Advertisement. Choose kitten or my husband
Commit -- Parody of advertisement by someone wanting to dump of their pets. Now it's their kids.
Humor links -- links to misc. humor
Quotes -- Miscellaneous
Funny -- More miscellaneous quotes
Life -- Quotes with a philosophical message
Smart People -- How Do These People Survive? Stories of folks functioning at amazingly low levels
Intelligence -- Quotes about intelligence (and lack thereof)
1 Liners -- 20 fun ways to make your work environment more interesting
Jesus 1 Liners -- Quotes from the web site "War on Faith"
Great Ideas -- Philosophy for daily living. Not really meant to be funny, but meant to be helpful
Malthusian Daydream -- Cartoon
Vegetus -- Page link to great web site
Bongo & Hen -- Bongo Marie and the Cornish Game Hen, Story & Illustration by Sally Blanchard
Disease transfer -- Disease transfer [from Parrots] to Humans, by G. J. Wallan
Apparently -- Apparently the Parrot by Garry J. Wallan
Giving medicine -- How to give your bird oral antibiotics by G. Wallan
It's a bird's life -- Typical day in the life of a bird.
Parrot's Rules -- the rules by which a parrot lives
Secret Parrot / Birding Fanatic -- How to tell if you are a "birding fanatic"
Veg*an Jokes -- including Seinfeldisms
Duck jokes --
Hunters Manhood --
Lessons from Animals -- Photographic lessons taught to us by animals - humorous animal photos


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