Just in time for the holiday shopping season!

32 exotic holiday songs to delight your earhole!
Oh Christmas Tree
"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree,"
"Your branches are inviting me."
"I'll climb real high, above the room."
"I'll dominate, and then I'll zoom."
"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree,"
"Your needles really tickle me!"
Up On The Cage Top
"Up on the cage top,"
"Food I seek,"
"Thrown there by a mad Caique."
"Bits of spaghetti,"
"Pretty Bird, too,"
"And a lump of greenish goo."
Brawwwk The Hungry Parrots Sing
"Brawwwk the hungry parrots sing,"
"Here's our list of treats to bring."
"Chunks of fruit and vegetables nigh,"
"And a piece of pizza pie."
Oh Come All Ye Hybrids
"Oh come all ye hybrids,"
"Ye mixtures and ye crossbreeds."
"Oh come ye, oh come ye,"
"Chaotic DNA"
I'm Dreaming Of A Bright Christmas
"I'm dreaming of a bright Christmas."
"Full spectrum lighting all aglow."
"Psittacines do need this,"
"For vitamin-D synthesis,"
"Birds need more photons, don't you know."
Away In A Nest Box
"Away in a nest box,"
"Pine chips for a bed,"
"A little lone Ringneck,"
"Lays down his sweet head."
"A mouse from the meadow,"
"Tried to join in this space,"
"But Mom and Dad Ringneck"
"Just chewed off his face."
Pepper Claws Is Coming To Town
"He's charging my hand,"
"He's biting it twice!"
"Kodiak says: 'Aww, that's not nice!'"
"Pepper Claws is coming to town."
"He's always on a diet."
"He's grumpy, that's a fact."
"But he's been known to sing a song,"
"While swinging in a sack!"
Jungle Belles
"Rubbing on my perch,"
"Is no way to procreate,"
"I want a willing hen,"
"Please be here by eight!"
"My hormones are inflamed,"
"The nest box is all right,"
"Come sing a bawdy birdy song,"
"And boink with me tonight!"
"Ohhh, Jungle Belles, Jungle Belles,"
"Let's go all the way,"
"Do the Dance of Joy with me"
"And lay some eggs today, HEY!"
And 24 more hits, all on two CD's or four 8-track tapes! Don't let this holiday season pass you by without a song on your beak!

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