The Parrot and the Seafarer

The barman was reading his paper in the fishing village pub when in came a seafaring man, weather-beaten with a patch on his eye, a peg leg and a hook for a hand. On his shoulder was a magnificent parrot. As the door closed behind the seafarer the parrot flew from his shoulder to perch on back of a nearby chair.

"Don't I recognize you?" said the barman.

"Likely you do. I've been away for many years. I'm Jim," said the man.

"Ah yes Jimmy, good to see you again. What on earth has been happening to you?"

The parrot glided across the bar and settled on the windowsill as Jim paid for his beer. "I was sailing the great barrier reef when I went swimming and got caught by a great white, that's how I lost my leg."

"Terrible" said the barman as the parrot flew up into the beams. "Was that when you lost your arm?"

"No, that happened in the Everglades when I was fishing. I reached in to land my catch and an alligator took my forearm, bit it right off. That's when I got the hook."

The parrot fluttered down to sit on the bar as the barman said, "That's awful. How did you loose your eye?"

"I was sitting in the sun, just getting over that alligator when this bloody parrot flew by and dumped in my eye."

Puzzled, the barman said "But that's not enough to cause you to loose the eye?"

"No, but I wasn't used to the hook yet."