"Bed Time"
Parrot and Bird Jokes

Telling a bird's sex -- How to tell which bird is the female
Xmas Hits -- Parrots' version of Christmas songs
parrot jokes -- 3 jokes, 1 cartoon
Bad Bird List -- Link to extensive list of funny and embarrassing bird habits
Bird's Etiquette -- A BIRD'S EYE VIEW OF EATING ETIQUETTE, by Carol and Ken Highfill
Budgie-ZILLA -- They came, they saw, they ate -- The movie that Godzilla could have been
Dear Beaky -- Advice for birds, by birds
Fun Bird Stories -- More than 20 interesting stories sent to an online forum
The Cage Floor -- A newspaper for birds
Dead Parrot Sketch -- Classic Monty Python sketch
Timneh Grey -- a human behavioral consultant
Bird in Sack

They Can Drive you Nuts
Driving With Penguins
Duck Waddles Into a Store
Yiddish Speaking Parrot
You Know What!
The Laboratory Rabbit
The Captain's Parrot & The Blonde
The Parrot & The Chickens
The Parrot and the Seafarer
The Fussy Male Parrot
The Ghost Parrot
The Parrot & the hamster
The Parrot & The Magician
The Parrot & the snake
The Parrot in the plane
The Parrot & The Priest
The Prostitute Parrot
3 "shorties"
Some short Parrot jokes
A Christmas Parrot
The Parrot who used to live in a whore house
Polly Project -- Plea for money. You can help Polly... Or you can ignore her and link to another page
Two Dumb Guys On a Cliff
Vegetable jokes
Some more short Parrot jokes
Bird Jokes
-- cartoons and one-liners

The Parrot & The Burglar