An attractive blonde took a holiday cruise on a freighter.

There's not much to do on a freighter, so the woman took frequent walks around the deck. On the first day at sea, she walked by the Captain's cabin, where his parrot called out "Hey Blondie, how's yer ass, how's yer ass."

The woman turned and marched away from this kind of language, and coming from a parrot at that.

Next day, same thing. And again on day 3. During the following night, an explosion rocked the ship. People and debris ended up in the water. Daybreak found the blonde clinging to a piece of wreckage floating in the ocean. As she regained consciousness and started to look around, she spotted the vile parrot on the other end of her float. As soon as the two made eye contact, the parrot hailed her with the now familiar "Hey Blondie, how's yer ass!"

Exasperated, she fired back "Oh, shut up!", to which the parrot replied "So's mine -- must be the salt water".