A priest bought a parrot and was very upset by the foul language the parrot had learned at the pet shop.

One day, the parrot was particularly foul mouthed and the priest said, "Okay, if you won't stop cussing, I'll have to punish you."

He took the parrot and put him in a brown paper bag and sat him on top of the refrigerator. The bird cussed for a few minutes and then fell silent. After he had sat there for two hours the priest let him out and the parrot immediately began to cuss.

The priest was very frustrated and told the bird he was going to keep punishing him until he stopped his evil ways. He put the bird in the microwave and threatened to turn it on. The bird cussed for a few minutes and then, again fell silent.

After four hours, he let the bird out and he immediately began to cuss again. The priest was very upset now.

He took the bird and threw it in the freezer. After he had left the bird in there for a few minutes the parrot stopped cussing and the priest was afraid the bird might die in the cold so he let him out.

Amazingly enough, the bird didn't say a word. "So," the priest asked, "have you finally learned not to cuss?"

"You won't have anymore problems out of me," the parrot said. "I just have one question. What did the chicken that's in the freezer do?"