A posh lady bought a parrot for some company.

Unfortunately, the parrot would only say "My name is Mary & I'm a whore".

She could not get the parrot to say anything else and it kept saying the same thing, usually at the most inopportune moments, much to the lady's embarrassment. One day the parish Priest visited the lady and while he was there the parrot squawked out the only words it would say. After apologizing profusely to the Priest, the lady explained that the parrot resisted all efforts at reformation. The Priest offered to take the parrot to visit the two parrots he owned. His parrots were well trained and all they would say were Hail Marys while clutching rosaries in their claws. He was certain they would be a good influence on the lady's parrot.

So the Priest took the parrot to his house and put it in the cage with his parrots. The first words out of the lady's parrot were, "My name is Mary & I'm a whore".

The priest, being most anxious to see what would happen was flabbergasted when one of his parrots said to the other, "Throw that damn rosary away, our prayers have been answered!"