Homeless Polly
You can help Polly...

Or you can ignore her and link to another page.

Polly, and thousands more like her, live a foot-to-beak existence on the streets and in the woods, living in discarded pet carriers, wooden crates, and in makeshift nest boxes.

Parrots like Polly fall prey to disease, ants, snakes, and unscrupulous ravens and hawks, ready to take advantage of innocent psittacines.

Many of these unfortunate victims were ripped from their homes in the rainforest to provide a colorful splash of life for a decorator's boudoir, an amusing diversion for a spoiled child, or an unwilling victim for a sadistic Golden Retriever trainer.

As soon as their usefulness was through, they were thrown out like old shoes, forced to scratch out a living in the basest and most gross of ways. Look into the eyes of a young hen as she sells her body for the seed she needs to feed her chicks. Feel the pain of an old, discarded parrot, who eats fermented berries to numb the horror of living in a dumpster.

You can ease their discomfort and bring some kindness to their downtrodden lives by sponsoring a homeless parrot. For $1 a day, you can feed a hen and her chicks. For $2 a day, you can rent them a warm place to sleep. For $5 per day, the cost of a fat-laden Big Mac and fries, you can build a shelter and provide training and drug rehabilitation so Polly and her friends can leave the streets forever.

The Polly ProjectFor a hundredth of a century, The Polly Project has been helping parrots in need, providing health care, food, rehabilitation, training, and shelter, helping parrots who cannot help themselves.

Contribute, and imagine the glowing smile spreading across the beaks of little chicks, getting their fist taste of commercial-grade nourishment like Nutri-Buggies or Crazy Squid.

Call The Polly Project at 1-800-HELP-MEE and save a homeless parrot today.

Or rot in Hell with Big Mac fat in your arteries.