I thought you might enjoy a biting story about my Blue-fronted Amazon, Pepper. When I first got Pepper as an adult, he followed me into my kitchen and saw some paper grocery bags. He said, “Put the bird in a sack.” I called his former owner and she confirmed that Pepper loved to be put in a paper sack and rocked.

Several days later he was out of his cage while I was cleaning it. Sitting on the hearth of the fireplace he called out, “Put the bird in a sack!” “No, not now,” I replied. With more feeling he again stated, “Put the bird in a sack!!!” Being very much in a hurry I told him, “No, later.”

In a flash he charged off the hearth, grabbed me in the leg, and through clenched beak muttered, “Put the bird in a sack!!!!!” He bit through a pair of jeans, long johns, and a pair of wool socks. (This was Fairbanks, Alaska in winter.)

That was over 10 years ago, and I still have the scar. His bite has to register pretty high on the bite-o-meter.


Politically correct bird terminology from the Exotic-L Internet mailing list.

    Fat Bird: Horizontally Enhanced Avian

    Dumb Bird: Cognitionally Challenged Avian

    Small Bird: Vertically Challenged Avian

    Biting Bird: Aggression-Enhanced Avian

    Horny Bird: Reproductively Motivated Avian

    Colorful Bird: Avian of Color

    Constipated Bird: Excrement Challenged Avian

    Crazy Bird: Cockatoo