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You may be a member of the Parrot's Secret Order if...

You can hardly type because your bird is dancing on the keyboard while chewing on your pen!

You spend more time cleaning your bird cages than your house!

You hear an "echo" each time you push a microwave button!

You try to teach your dog to say "Hello!"

Your hungry family asks what's for dinner and you say you just whipped up a fresh pot of "Crazy Corn!"

You're going across town and you realize half-way there that your bird is still sitting on your shoulder!

You kiss the birds good-night but not your spouse!

You go on the vacation of a lifetime and can only tell your friends what cool bird stuff you found!

You don't care if people see bird poop stains on your shirt!

Your darling birdie sneezes and you drive 2 hours to the avian vet!

Every shirt you own has buttons missing!

You say "Hello....Hello....Hello!" to your people friends.

You pull up in the driveway, and you see that your bird is looking out the window. You start waving saying, "Hi Kiwi. Its mommy! I'm home from work now."

Your friends dog is pregnant, and you ask if the puppies have hatched yet.

Later you accidentally refer to his dog as a "hen."

You're leaving a gathering of friends, and you find yourself saying, "Bye bye! Gimmee SMOOCHIES!"

At last count you had over 200 bird toys and only 2 birds.

You make sure your pizza isn't too hot so the birdies wont burn their feet.

You're on a first-name basis with the seed moths that hang around your house.

You refer to the hair loss from your dog as "molting."

You tell your boyfriend not to touch you in front of the bird because the bird might get jealous.

You drop your purse in the supermarket and sunflower seeds fall out.

You fight over who gets custody of the birds when the romance ends.

You May be a Birding Fanatic if....