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Veg*an Jokes

Web sites
Animal Defense -- satire
Pets or Food? -- Satire

The links are in five categories:
Humor Collections Web sites that consist of jokes in all forms.
Publications Web sites consisting of lists, articles and people with something to say.
People TV Comedy, comedians, and other fun people.
Other Net Sources F.T.P, Gopher, and Newsgroups.
Places Sites that didn't fall into the above four categories.

Humor Collections
How To Keep an Insomniac Busy   plus Mr. Mom's Homepage
Oracle Service Humor Archives    
All The Funny Titles Have Already Been Taken  
Jokes, Riddles & Wit Contest  Categorized joke collection
BigRon's Hedonistic Society Geocities links
Computer Humor Yahoo links
Interactive Lunacy High quality
Internet Humor Yahoo links
Jokes, Comedy, Fun and Humor Rated for suitability; categorized for easy navigation
Jokes On Line
10reasonsafundy -- Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian

Slug Tales  
American Newspeak Newspeak scavenges the back pages of our finer newspapers for the latest cutting edge advances in the grand art of doublespeak.
The Funny Pages Bits of humor from the net.
Joe Lavin's Humor Column   Since 1995
Wrecked Humor Page

TV Comedy/Comedians
Comedy Central Online  Make me Laugh, Ben Stein's $
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno  
Allo Allo -- Info on British TV show  
Comedy Click A searchable online database of comedians and comedy clubs.
Doctor Fun!
The Illegitimate Comedian
Internet Funnies Features Standup Comedians.
Sonny Knight Host of the only all Comedy Radio Show in Tampa Bay.
The Legends of Comedy   A group of comedy impersonators.
The PMS Players
Willie P. Richardson - Prank phone calls that are heard on over 700 radio stations.
Bob Rivers and his Twisted Tunes
A Saturday Night Live Page
Steven Wright Jokes

Scientific, Technical, and Computer Humor
Hot AIR       Science spoofs, and stupid science.
Ask Dr. Science Site filled with science fun.

Improv Links




Biks Fliks - Some award winning videos in Quicktime.
Comedy Classics
EYES - A site of links
Funnier Than Cheese
The Laugh Dome
MUDDERS The first cyber sit-com.
Riddlers Choice - A free contest that gives people on the Web the opportunity to win valuable cash prizes by solving a variety of riddles and puzzles.
Whose Line is it Anyway? - A web site devoted to the only comedy improv game show.
The Wildside Theatre - Improv comedy on-line

Helpful Sites for Comedians

Comedy Click - A searchable online database of comedians and comedy clubs.
The Comedy Gym - A site that helps comedians perfect their art.
Comic Bible - A monthly resource publication for comics that you will find very helpful. Let them know you linked from The Comedy Catch site and get a special offer.
If you are in the business or thinking about it, check out The Comedy Page
The Comedy Writer for Windows - A Demo of some comedy writing software is available here. - A Boston based company that produces radio comedy.
GuestFinder - GuestFinder: A web-based directory of entertainers, authors, experts, and others available for TV, radio, newspaper interviews.
Premiere Radio Networks Supplier of comedy for radio stations.


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